Now and again we get some press coverage, so here ya go.

On The Wall `Zine (Zine/Blog) (May 17 2013)
“listening to Zero Cool’s most recent album “Hey, Zeus on Heroin” is the equivalent of strapping yourself in and careening down a street at speeds you’ll do best to avoid reaching in any other situation, unless you’re a speed junkie in which case is a totally cool decision.”

Where’s Ernie? (Blog) (Feb 12 2012)
” This band immediately struck me as being punk as fuck and not giving three fucks about four fucks about being punk as fuck. ”

Where’s Ernie? (Blog) (Dec 31 2011)
“Their hard hitting, in the pocket punk got the crowd moving early and it was great to see a straight up punk band tear the place apart.”

Absolute Underground (Vol 8-1 Issue 43 – December 2011/January 2012) (Dec 01, 2011)
“I can honestly say Zero Cool delivers the goods every time they hit the stage.”
– Rod Rookers

Absolute Underground (Vol 7-6 Issue 42- October 2011/November 2011) (Oct 01, 2011)
“Zero Cool played a great, short set to kick things off (sic) I would say the show was a hit”
– Rod Rookers

Absolute Underground (Vol 7-5 Issue 41 – August 2011/September 2011) (Aug 01, 2011)
“Zero Cool was a great opener for the show, and are usually on the scene for most of my articles because they are a great local band and in my opinion a great addition to any punk show… in short Z.C. is a very talented young bunch and shows a lot of 80s punk influence, they have a lot of cool originals, and when they do play a cover it’s something classy – like ‘Six Pack’ (Black Flag) or ‘Sonic Reducer’ (Dead Boys).”
– Rod Rookers

VUEWeekly (July 28-Aug3 2011)
Zero Cool “Talk – Action = Hippies” 7” (Livid)
“Young Punk Wizards
They’ve crammed more on this plate then
Khazana buffet”
– Whitey Houston (Quick Spins Haiku reviews)

July 15 2011
“I really dig your band, and I’m not just saying that. Cheers.” – Chris Walter (June 3-4 2011)
Interview -> (L-R: KP, Phildo, Andy Crackers, Jim Nowhere)
Live Tunes -> (Meat Farm & Popcorn Theory)

Absolute Underground (Vol 7-4 Issue 40 – June 2011/July 2011) (June 01, 2011)
“Zero Cool of course is always a treat to have on the stage, and a guaranteed source of high energy punk rock suss – leaning a little more towards old school 80s hardcore (before the toque and beard / piercings, tattoos era) playing punchy quick stuff along the lines of 7 Seconds / Battalion of Saints, and of course D.O.A. as well.”
– Rod Rookers

Rock N’ Roll Must Be Destroyed on CJSR 88.5FM (May 11 2011)
Interview with Jim Nowhere and Tracks from “And He’s To Blame” “Talk-Action=Hippies” “Pretty”

Absolute Underground (Volume 7-3 Issue 39 – April 2011/May 2011) (April 2, 2011)
“Zero Cool (sic) is a band that wants to rock the house first and foremost, and never fails to do so”
Rod Rookers

The Punk (April 20th 2011)
“The Getback, Furious Dudes, The Shrubs and Zero Cool might be good starting points for punk fans”

Dead City Radio (March 25th 2011)
Download Podcast #22 – Special on air guests Zero Cool (KP & Jim Nowhere)
“Punk Fuckin’ Rock from one of the coldest places in the world!”

Grant MacEwan’s Student Newspaper (February 17, 2011)
” Edmonton has a vibrant local music scene, with punk being one of the leading genres, and members of the scene being deeply involved in community-oriented fundraising events.”

Dead City Radio (February 10, 2011)
Download Broadcast #16
( 22:18 – Zero Cool w/ Doug Hoyer- Carbon Copy, from “… and he’s to blame” 1:01:45 – a brief conversation with Jim Nowhere)

Absolute Underground (Vol. 7-2 Issue 38 – February 2011/March 2011) (Feb 1, 2011)
“Punk powerhouses Zero Cool” “Zero Cool has a ton of origional material, made up of primarily short blasts of punk rawk / old school hardcore, and very good tastes in punk cover tunes that never miss the mark.”
Rod Rookers (article)

Dead City Radio (January 21, 2011)
Download Broadcast #13
(53:07 – Zero Cool – Gossip, from “… and he’s to blame”)

Miami New Times – Chuck Livid that mentions us (January 20 2011)
“How the hell do you have two Canadian bands?!
Canada has some of the best bands in the world. Seriously, shit’s crazy up there. Livid signed Zero Cool and the Pine Tarts, and I’m not kidding when I say this: they may be two of my favorite bands of all time.”

Edmonton’s SEE Magazine (December 16 2010)
” The guys from Zero Cool have been involved since day one. And thanks to Murphy — now a manager at the Mead Hall — the Punk Rock Food Fight will be celebrating it’s third consecutive year, and first time at one of Edmonton’s finest alternative music venues. “

Dead City Radio (October 29, 2010)
Download Broadcast #4
(1:10:11 – Zero Cool – Pawned Life, from “… and he’s to blame”)

The Portal Magazine (July 3, 2010)
“Now, in a 40 minute set, you’d never expect to hear more than 15 songs from a band, but as is with ‘Zero Cool‘; they make it happen and sound good, too.” (we’re a side note in the Chixdiggit! mention) (February 8, 2010)