October 6, 2011

So.. Talk-Action=Hippies is out! It is available on iTunesBandcamp, and in one of 4 colours of delicioous Vinyl. The 7″ does come with a DRM free high quality digital download as well, so you can put it on your listening device or choice, or burn a compact disc, or make a mix tape, or whatever you decide to do with it.

Our Loo Corez EP releases are now on iTunes as well. “… and he didn’t have a say” “… and he’s to blame”

In Tour news, we’re heading east.. not very far east, just to Regina. We’re going to attempt at documenting the trip on shitty camcorders and cellphones. Also we have decided to take one of our favorite Edmonton bands, The Mange, with us.. Those of you who have never seen the Mange, you need to change that.

– Jim Nowhere