June 9, 2011

Good Day To You.

Yes, to you, you punk rock fanatics, we have some glorious news. The test pressings for Talk – Action = Hippies are en route to us for our aural pleasure and confirmation that all is a go, and then you’ll be able to get your hands on some sweet sweet tunes. The 7″ will be limited to 500 copies, so when you announce where and when to get them, make sure that you do. Did i mention that it will be in coloured vinyl? No? Well it will be; Red, White, Blue, Clear. Those will be your choices, and i have no idea how many of each are being printed, or how you will know what colour that you’ll get. The folks over at Livid Records will give you those details when they have them.

In mersh news, we did another order of the Pentagram T-Shirts so make sure you come and grab one at a gig, our online mersh store will be undergoing some changes in the next month or so, so that it can take paypal, and not charge you in USD, that sort of thing. Also planning out our new Patches and Stickers for when the 7″ comes out.

We’ve had a bit more press as of late as well, and some play on CJSR’s “Rock n Roll Must Be Destroyed” (I) Jim Nowhere was a guest, ans Rolga and i chatted it up for a while, you can download the podcast from here (you want the May 11 2011 podcast). We were also recently interviewed on the brand new VoidTV based out of Edmonton, and that should be up shortly after i finish this post.

– Jim Nowhere