February 17, 2011

Oh, Hello.

For those of you who follow us on Twitter (@ZeroCoolBand) you may be aware of a slight delay in the vinyl release of “Talk – Action = Hippies” we’re hoping to have them by mid March. If you’re just looking for the digital copy head over to Livid Records digital store and pick it up. We are re-pressing another limited run of “… And He’s To Blame” that can be picked up at shows or you can snake it from our digital store using the “pay what you may” pricing. I haven’t quite figured out how to sell you T-shirts over the internet yet without it getting a little crazy, but soon it should be possible.

We’ve gotten a bit of press recently, you can find out who loves us by reading it.

In more merch related news we’re almost out of the “Pentagram” shirts and are uncertain if we want to make more or go with another design, so feel free to email me (jimnowhere@zerocoolband.com) and if we use your design you will get a free shirt, recognition for the design, copies of “… And He Didn’t Have A Say”, and “… And He’s To Blame”.

As always we have plenty of shows coming up, and if you want to see us come play closer to you, send me an email and we will do our best to make it happen. We’re taking April & May off from playing shows to record a Split 7″ with The Swamp Monsters (T.A.R. is putting it out) and record & mix a full length follow up to “Talk – Action = Hippies”.

– Jim Nowhere