October 20, 2010

Hello Friends,
We have much news to tell you, first off, since our last update we’ve changed how things look and work around here. We’ve gotten ourselves a Twitter account (@zerocoolband). We recorded a new album, and mixed another one. The album we gave a fresh mix to is called “Talk – Action = Hippies”, this leads to the BIG news, it is coming out on this Record Label that picked us up, very friendly folk over there, Livid Records. The vinyl should be in our hands to sell to you in early January of 2011, but you can go snake the digital version of it early at http://canadapunk.bandcamp.com, while waiting or it to get into our hands we’ve released another 3 song EP “… And He’s To Blame” you can find it in our digital store of self released goodness http://store.zerocoolband.com.

In local news we’re almost out of the “Grenade” shirts, you know the ones you’ve been able to pick up from us for $5 at every show for the past couple years. So snake one while you can. The grenade package deal is shirt +”… and he’s to blame” EP + “… and he didn’t have a say” EP for only $10! The new shirts will be hence forth known as “Pentagram” these are a limited edition one time run that we are doing, with only 40 available (Mens & Ladies). The Pentagram package until “Talk – Action = Hippies” comes out will be T-shirt + both EPs + Patch for $20.

– Jim Nowhere