October 29, 2009

.. we got our shit together. We recorded an album, went on tour and here we are. Tho we liked the album, we felt it didn’t represent us as we stand today. all the songs (minus 1984 and contract) were written 2 years ago. Since then we’ve done some group meditation and pilates (andy is an excellent instructor), and we’re getting closer to the sound that best fits the squad. SO. As of Jan 1 2010 we are going into seclusion and not retuning to civilization untill we’ve recorded the entire zero cool catalog. Thats right kids 33 songs written over 2 years and recorded in 4 days. Talk – Action = Hippies will still be released. however, since all the line up changes over the years, it will be more of a greatest hits collections. Instead of 10 songs it will feature 20 songs and still come in under a half hour. along with this gem, we well record our second album, working title “ZERO COOL II”. featuring 10 never before heard tunes! however due to the lack of patrons at our previous gigs, All these tunes are New to you! look for us in the new year!