June 28, 2008

We Gots Plans….

So we got a couple of things in the works: We haven’t officially released the “Pretty EP”, but theres only 4 copies left…. this was recorded one afternoon when we were between drummers. 4 acoustic songs: We’re Not Fugazi, Tolerance Lobotomy, Strangeland and Wanna Live in My Shed? Along with these songs you get the only studio recording, and i use the term studio very loosely, of Wanna Live in My Shed with Mike on drums.
So enough about that. We’ve decided to re-release the “Pretty EP” with Two extra songs, this time faster and with a drummer, no acoustic here. Along with this, we are also releasing the “Red Shovel Rocket EP” with 6 more songs.
Along with this there is a Bootleg of our show at the studio that happened 02/23/08. 14 songs and a couple of extra tracks.
Along with this we also have a new drummer. We’d like to welcome Paul into the band. Hi Paul. So after all that, we’re gonna try and play a lot more shows so look for us. or don’t.