Hey, Zeus on Heroin… An Adventure in Prescription Medication.


Our first album release in 3 years. It really didn’t feel that long to us. Yes we’ve made a few recordings since “Talk-Action…” was recorded in 2009; but due to a lack of knowledge (mainly on my part) of recording techniques and my stubborn DIY attitude, most of what we recorded never saw the light of day. Sure, there was the odd EP here and there; “….and he’s to blame” is a perfect example of this. There was supposed to be an album attached to it, but it wasn’t meant to be. We are planning to release the contents of those recordings later, but now to the matter at hand.

This album was by far the most interesting task we’ve ever undertook in the studio. The entire gambit of emotions was experienced, in full, during its conception. Also in keeping with the Zero Cool mentality, we reached out to our friends and colleagues, to aid us in crafting the album. I could try and write the complete production credits, but I’m sure I would leave somebody out. So, I would really like to thank everyone that took the time to listen to even the smallest sample of this record and gave their input.

There will be 20 copies, ruthlessly assembled by yours truly with a glue stick and sharpie, available for sale at our Cd Release Party January 19th, 2013 @ DV8, with the Mange and Practical Slackers. It will also be available for download a week after the concert.


More aboot the new album –> Hey, Zeus on Heroin.