Hey, Zeus on Heroin

Hey Cover
An 8 Track worth its weight in generic prescription anti-depressants and painkillers.


Recorded Mostly April 24-26 2012 @ Loo Corez Recordings Edmonton, AB
Rest recorded throughout 2012 @ The Smokey Room Edmonton, AB.
Mixed By KP at the Smokey Room
Mastered By Greg Wright @ hillbilly wizard sound
Album Art By KP / Jim Nowhere
Zero Cool is:
KP = Git-Fiddle, Chain Smoker
Jim Nowhere = Sovteknician / also Chain Smoker
Phildo McC = Knuckle Bustin' Thunder God
Andy Crackers = Vegan Meat Beater, Beard Aficionado
The vienna sausage boys choir:
"handsome" mike shaw, "I shot steven" weiss, matt "i've got asthma" cunningham Joey "the fridge" woods, keelan "it's TIE fighters not Thai fighters" malo-smith, Klent the destroyer, Bradley Rigion, Gelatinous-fruit-based-desert Biafra, and Iron Steven.
All Songs Written by Zero Cool
All Songs (c) 2012-2013 Zero Cool