Many Many Things!!!!

Sask was a blast! Met some pretty crazy bands in both Saskadelphia and Regina. Check out Zombie Bouffant and Exöskeleton from saskatoon and
Soiled Doves from Regina, all kick ass bands! Thanks again to the venues The Rock Bottom in Saskatoon and The Club in Regina.

New Songs
We’ve got new songs.

New Album(s)
We’re about to start work on our 3rd full length album, no yet date for release and no set title. There will be 14 songs and a few guest appearances. That’s all the info so far. Check back for regular(ish) updates.


Oh and our next gig in town should be Aug 31st at DV8 with The Press Gang from Calgary, should be a hoot.

Well That Didn’t Last Too Long

We had planned to take til august off to retool the set list and record a new album and EP, BUT we were overwhelmed with gigs via email and facebook. SO, May 4th we will be playing a gig @ DV8 with the Belushis. So if you’re going though Zero Cool withdrawal, come out may 4th! Extra Charisma Experience Points will be awarded for the best Star Wars inspired costume (experience points also redeemable for Zero Cool Merchandise, but have no monetary value).


Hey, Zeus on Heroin… An Adventure in Prescription Medication.


Our first album release in 3 years. It really didn’t feel that long to us. Yes we’ve made a few recordings since “Talk-Action…” was recorded in 2009; but due to a lack of knowledge (mainly on my part) of recording techniques and my stubborn DIY attitude, most of what we recorded never saw the light of day. Sure, there was the odd EP here and there; “….and he’s to blame” is a perfect example of this. There was supposed to be an album attached to it, but it wasn’t meant to be. We are planning to release the contents of those recordings later, but now to the matter at hand.

This album was by far the most interesting task we’ve ever undertook in the studio. The entire gambit of emotions was experienced, in full, during its conception. Also in keeping with the Zero Cool mentality, we reached out to our friends and colleagues, to aid us in crafting the album. I could try and write the complete production credits, but I’m sure I would leave somebody out. So, I would really like to thank everyone that took the time to listen to even the smallest sample of this record and gave their input.

There will be 20 copies, ruthlessly assembled by yours truly with a glue stick and sharpie, available for sale at our Cd Release Party January 19th, 2013 @ DV8, with the Mange and Practical Slackers. It will also be available for download a week after the concert.


More aboot the new album –> Hey, Zeus on Heroin.

What’s That? A new Album??

January 19th, 2013, Zero Cool will be releasing our 2nd album (longer than 4 songs, shorter than 10 but still divisible by 2) in 2 years. The EP/LP consists of 8 brand spanking new tunes. Faster and with 67% more klent. The title is still being debated but will be announced shortly. keep checking back here and on facebook for further details


Zero Cool Livre de Visage.

Live at Dv8:March 5 2011

For Everyone who wanted the Bootleg “Live at Dv8 March 5th 2011” It is now up on our Bandcamp.

– kp

Live At DV8:SNFU

With little to zero notice at all we had the opportunity to play with the LEGENDARY Edmonton punk band SNFU on Tuesday June 26 2012. So we took it. KP got some photos with Chi Pig, Jim Nowhere joined us on stage for three songs in his second last appearance as an official “On Stage” member of Zero Cool.

KP & Chi Pig

Oh and we decided to let people download this Show we played March 5 2011 with our label mates, The Pine Tarts. You can download it from the Discography page or by heading over to our Digital Store.

October 6, 2011

So.. Talk-Action=Hippies is out! It is available on iTunesBandcamp, and in one of 4 colours of delicioous Vinyl. The 7″ does come with a DRM free high quality digital download as well, so you can put it on your listening device or choice, or burn a compact disc, or make a mix tape, or whatever you decide to do with it.

Our Loo Corez EP releases are now on iTunes as well. “… and he didn’t have a say” “… and he’s to blame”

In Tour news, we’re heading east.. not very far east, just to Regina. We’re going to attempt at documenting the trip on shitty camcorders and cellphones. Also we have decided to take one of our favorite Edmonton bands, The Mange, with us.. Those of you who have never seen the Mange, you need to change that.

– Jim Nowhere

June 9, 2011

Good Day To You.

Yes, to you, you punk rock fanatics, we have some glorious news. The test pressings for Talk – Action = Hippies are en route to us for our aural pleasure and confirmation that all is a go, and then you’ll be able to get your hands on some sweet sweet tunes. The 7″ will be limited to 500 copies, so when you announce where and when to get them, make sure that you do. Did i mention that it will be in coloured vinyl? No? Well it will be; Red, White, Blue, Clear. Those will be your choices, and i have no idea how many of each are being printed, or how you will know what colour that you’ll get. The folks over at Livid Records will give you those details when they have them.

In mersh news, we did another order of the Pentagram T-Shirts so make sure you come and grab one at a gig, our online mersh store will be undergoing some changes in the next month or so, so that it can take paypal, and not charge you in USD, that sort of thing. Also planning out our new Patches and Stickers for when the 7″ comes out.

We’ve had a bit more press as of late as well, and some play on CJSR’s “Rock n Roll Must Be Destroyed” (I) Jim Nowhere was a guest, ans Rolga and i chatted it up for a while, you can download the podcast from here (you want the May 11 2011 podcast). We were also recently interviewed on the brand new VoidTV based out of Edmonton, and that should be up shortly after i finish this post.

– Jim Nowhere

February 17, 2011

Oh, Hello.

For those of you who follow us on Twitter (@ZeroCoolBand) you may be aware of a slight delay in the vinyl release of “Talk – Action = Hippies” we’re hoping to have them by mid March. If you’re just looking for the digital copy head over to Livid Records digital store and pick it up. We are re-pressing another limited run of “… And He’s To Blame” that can be picked up at shows or you can snake it from our digital store using the “pay what you may” pricing. I haven’t quite figured out how to sell you T-shirts over the internet yet without it getting a little crazy, but soon it should be possible.

We’ve gotten a bit of press recently, you can find out who loves us by reading it.

In more merch related news we’re almost out of the “Pentagram” shirts and are uncertain if we want to make more or go with another design, so feel free to email me ( and if we use your design you will get a free shirt, recognition for the design, copies of “… And He Didn’t Have A Say”, and “… And He’s To Blame”.

As always we have plenty of shows coming up, and if you want to see us come play closer to you, send me an email and we will do our best to make it happen. We’re taking April & May off from playing shows to record a Split 7″ with The Swamp Monsters (T.A.R. is putting it out) and record & mix a full length follow up to “Talk – Action = Hippies”.

– Jim Nowhere