Zero Cool (Release July 1st, 2017)

Well here it is. The 3rd full length. Woot. I’ll get someone to review the damn thing and post something here. -kp


Recorded: September 2014 – January 2017 @ Kyle’s Apartment Studio, Edmonton AB

Mixed By: Kalan Olsen-Peet @ Kyle’s Apartment Studio, Edmonton AB

Mastered By: Kalan Olsen-Peet @ Kyle’s Apartment Studio, Edmonton AB

Produced By: Kalan Olsen-Peet

Co-Produced By: Phil McCarthy, Darren Ward, Andy Proskow, and Lorne Peet

Album Art By: Abra Olsen @ MoonMilk Studios

Zero Cool is:

Andy Crackers: Drums

Phildo: Bass

Darren: Guitar

KP: Guitar

Piano on “Ikea” : Martin Peet

Vienna Sausage Boys Choir:

Matthew Cunningham, Randall Graves, Jason Goodall,

Mary Hanna, Mike Hideous, Keelan Mallo-Smith,

Jim Nowhere, and Joey Woods

All Songs Written By Zero Cool

(with additional writing credits to Jim Nowhere on some songs)

All Songs © Zero Cool 2007-2017

Hey, Zeus on Heroin

An 8 Track worth its weight in generic prescription anti-depressants and painkillers.


Recorded Mostly April 24-26 2012 @ Loo Corez Recordings Edmonton, AB
Rest recorded throughout 2012 @ The Smokey Room Edmonton, AB.
Mixed By KP at the Smokey Room
Mastered By Greg Wright @ hillbilly wizard sound
Album Art By KP / Jim Nowhere


Zero Cool is:
KP = Git-Fiddle, Chain Smoker
Jim Nowhere = Sovteknician / also Chain Smoker
Phildo McC = Knuckle Bustin’ Thunder God
Andy Crackers = Vegan Meat Beater, Beard Aficionado


The vienna sausage boys choir:
“handsome” mike shaw, “I shot steven” weiss, matt “i’ve got asthma” cunningham
Joey “the fridge” woods, keelan “it’s TIE fighters not Thai fighters” malo-smith,
Klent the destroyer, Bradley Rigion, Gelatinous-fruit-based-desert Biafra,
and Iron Steven.


All Songs Written by Zero Cool
All Songs (c) 2012-2013 Zero Cool

Live At DV8

More a bootleg then a proper live album, but folks have been asking for more for a while. So here is more, and for FREE!


Recorded Live March 5 2011 By Chris Zuk at DV8 Tavern in Edmonton, Ab
Mixed June 2012 By KP at Smokey Room Studios
Album Art By KP / Jim Nowhere
Photos By MRD

Zero Cool is:
KP = Plank Player / Yelling
Jim Nowhere = Fuzz / Not So Much Yelling
Phildo McC = Balls / Fill’s own brand of singing ®
Andy Crackers = A.D.D. / Talent

All Songs Written by Zero Cool
except Track 26 “Hooked On Phonics” written by the Dead Boys
All Songs (c) 2012 Zero Cool
except track 26 (c) 1977 Dead Boys

Charlie’s Angels Theme

Recorded for use for a film for the 2010 Vancouver International Film festival. The film ended up being totally changed, so the song itself was not used in the movie. However it is the theme music for the menu on the DVD.

Talk – Action = Hippies

a full length that fits on a 7″
also available via Livid Records at
or on iTunes &


All Songs Written & Recorded by Zero Cool
except intro to “I Shot Steven” by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
intro to “Your Thick Head” by The Honourable Tommy Douglas
All music © 2009/2011 Zero Cool
all rights reserved

Zero Cool:
KP: Guitar
Jim Nowhere: Guitar
Phildo: Bass
Andy Crackers: Drums
(we all sing, sept Andy cuz hes a drummer)
Other Vocals: Liam Harvey Oswald (on “I Shot Steven & Hypo Demo Apa”)

Zero Cool would like to thank?
Down The hatch, The Mange, Suffix, The Old Wives, Satan & God, The Horny Coroners (r.i.p), Jim’s Parents for that lovely breakfast they cooked us on tour, Matt Cunningham x2, Matt Schnell, Derek, Mark Johnston, Mike Johnson, bacon, Paul TR-606, Porter Bombs, Lucas Boutilier, Iain Lindsey for taking all of Andy’s Shifts so we can play gigs, Pizzarrhea, the Minimums, JP, Billy Burroughs, Miles Davis, Mike Watt, Lorne Peet, the NDP, Cody for buying our first album, Chuck Livid for not knowing what he is getting into, Doug Hoyer, Andy for being the longest running drummer in ZC, Rod at DV8, Kate at New City, the I.C.B.M.s (R.I.P), the Levelsixelfs (R.I.P), the Phormals (R.I.P.), Melissa for the nerd and cover art, L&McQ for not asking questions, and all our friends and family!

And remember kids; GET OUT AND VOTE!

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Recorded @ Smokey Room Studios
Produced by Zero Cool
Mixed By: KP
Front Cover art by: Melissa Olsen-Peet
Back Cover art by: KP/Jim Nowhere
Liam Harvey Oswald appears courtesy of
Eat Shit & Die Records

… and he is to blame

Recorded over 4 snowed in days in January 2010, with additions added later in the year.


Zero Cool:
KP: Guitar
Jim Nowhere: Guitar
Filldo: Bass
Andy Crackers: Drums
(we all sing, sept Andy cuz hes a drummer)

Other Vocals: Steve Unlikely on Pawned Life
Doug Hoyer on Carbon Copy Corruption

Recorded at The Lake Office
Produced By Zero Cool
Mixed By KP at Smokey Room Studios

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All Songs Written & Preformed by: Zero Cool
All Songs © 2010 Zero Cool

… and he didn’t have a say

the first EP recorded by Zero Cool as a four piece.


Zero Cool is:
jim nowhere: big muff/vocals
phildo: balls/vocals
andy crackers: talent
Recorded and Produced By Zero Cool
Mixed by KP
All Songs Written & Preformed by Zero Cool
All Songs © 2009 Zero Cool

We’re Out There

Zero Cool has hammered out a CD single of tracks previously only available on the acoustic “Pretty” (nuxx-011), the newly released “We’re Out There” (nuxx-013) being faster, more furious, and more electric than previous releases.


Zero Cool:
Kp: Vox/Bass
Jim Nowhere: Vox/Fuzz
Paul TR-606: Drums

All Tracks Written By Zero Cool
with the exception of the one we don’t tell you about, written by T.F.L.


Hey Kids,
Sorry our first album is an acoustic one. But we’ve had a bit of trouble finding a drummer that can stand us. So on that note i’d like to thank whoever bought this glorified crap.



track 5 features JC Mike Johnson on drums
tracks 6 – 11 feature Porter Bombs on drums
tracks 1 – 4 recorded february 2008
track 5 recorded january 2008
tracks 6 – 11 recorded december 2007

Zero Cool is:
KP = Vox/Plank Player
Jim Nowhere = Vox/Bass/Fuzz

cover photo taken by: LouH

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