Anatomy Cats CD Release Party! Re: We’re playing a show?

Well after 6 Months we have an almost finished album and a new guitarist! So we figured fuck it we should play a show and the offered poured in. So this friday were playing with the Anatomy Cats for their CD release party,support will be Down the Hatch and Rebuild Repair. Its an early show starting at 9 and that’s when we’re on! so be there at 830! exclamation mark! and bring money! to buy the Anatomy Cats CD! Ya! stoked!



We’ve been busy at Bat Cave Studios recording 2 EPs and our second full length Album! The EPs should have about 4-5 songs each including alternative versions of a few songs found on the Full lengths and a couple special guests will [hopefully] make an appearance on the EPs. The first EP should be out By The end of September, Second end of October and the album should be ready for our Anniversary Show on Dec 5th, Providing we have an anniversary show.


Oliver Show

First all ages show in Edmonton! It’s at Oliver Hall 10326-118 St. APRIL 11th!

Just been rebuilding the Jam space and I’ve been busy with school. Hopefully a new record will be in the works soon………. thats it.


Update. #2

All the spare time I have is going towards rebuilding the Zero Cool Jamspace/Recording Studio/Secret Lair/Can Opener. Its been a hard couple of months dealing with insurance, retrofitting undamaged materials and haggling over replacement gear. I will post pictures of the reno’s when i get around to it. probably on the Zero Cool facebook page. After Renovations were starting work on some sort of album or group papier mache project. will post results


Well that was fucked…

About a month ago, Edmonton experienced a great deluge, affecting many homes. One of which was the jam space of Zero Cool. We lost nearly everything (est. $17,000 replacement value). That aside we have been by taking random gigs in the middle of the week to “practice”. We’d also like to give a huge THANK YOU to local buddies, Down the Hatch for loaning us a place to practice! We were about to- start work on our new full length but it looks like it shall be pushed back. Check out gigs section to stay uop to date on our random dates that we “Practice”.

Mini Tour
The 2013 Zero Cool Mini Tour continues!!! this weekend we will be heading back to The Rock Bottom in Saskatoon SK, and The North Hill Inn in Brandon MB!

Many Many Things!!!!

Sask was a blast! Met some pretty crazy bands in both Saskadelphia and Regina. Check out Zombie Bouffant and Exöskeleton from saskatoon and
Soiled Doves from Regina, all kick ass bands! Thanks again to the venues The Rock Bottom in Saskatoon and The Club in Regina.

New Songs
We’ve got new songs.

New Album(s)
We’re about to start work on our 3rd full length album, no yet date for release and no set title. There will be 14 songs and a few guest appearances. That’s all the info so far. Check back for regular(ish) updates.


Oh and our next gig in town should be Aug 31st at DV8 with The Press Gang from Calgary, should be a hoot.

Look out Saskatchewan!!!

What is now becoming a yearly tradition, Zero Cool is once again embarking on an expedition  to the Trapezoidal Province!  July 19th and 20th we will be invading the cities of Saskatoon and Regina, respectively. So look out all you Saskatchewaninnians or  Saskatchewanites, get ready for ZERO COOL!



Well That Didn’t Last Too Long

We had planned to take til august off to retool the set list and record a new album and EP, BUT we were overwhelmed with gigs via email and facebook. SO, May 4th we will be playing a gig @ DV8 with the Belushis. So if you’re going though Zero Cool withdrawal, come out may 4th! Extra Charisma Experience Points will be awarded for the best Star Wars inspired costume (experience points also redeemable for Zero Cool Merchandise, but have no monetary value).



Here we are, one month into hiatus and everyone is asking when our next show is. When I reply August, a blank stare is all i receive.

Yes were out of the picture, No not forever, Yes Andy is still Vegan.

We’ve written 6 new songs, apparently substance abuse is a cure for writers block, and we can’t wait to unleash them upon you.

There’s more to come and maybe a demo or whatever will be posted.

Back to work.


Hey, Zeus on Heroin… An Adventure in Prescription Medication.


Our first album release in 3 years. It really didn’t feel that long to us. Yes we’ve made a few recordings since “Talk-Action…” was recorded in 2009; but due to a lack of knowledge (mainly on my part) of recording techniques and my stubborn DIY attitude, most of what we recorded never saw the light of day. Sure, there was the odd EP here and there; “….and he’s to blame” is a perfect example of this. There was supposed to be an album attached to it, but it wasn’t meant to be. We are planning to release the contents of those recordings later, but now to the matter at hand.

This album was by far the most interesting task we’ve ever undertook in the studio. The entire gambit of emotions was experienced, in full, during its conception. Also in keeping with the Zero Cool mentality, we reached out to our friends and colleagues, to aid us in crafting the album. I could try and write the complete production credits, but I’m sure I would leave somebody out. So, I would really like to thank everyone that took the time to listen to even the smallest sample of this record and gave their input.

There will be 20 copies, ruthlessly assembled by yours truly with a glue stick and sharpie, available for sale at our Cd Release Party January 19th, 2013 @ DV8, with the Mange and Practical Slackers. It will also be available for download a week after the concert.


More aboot the new album –> Hey, Zeus on Heroin.